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Our work includes a mix of design/bid/build and design/build projects but first and foremost we believe that collaboration is vital to the success of every project regardless of delivery method. JDL specializes in projects with high client involvement and design/construction team integration. We approach every project as a partnership and work with our clients to align their dreams, needs and budget.

Much of our work is done in collaboration with outside architects and designers but we also have in-house design capabilities. Whether you already have plans or still need to take that step we would be happy to hear from you to discuss your needs and help you determine next steps.

Most projects begin with an on-site consultation to review the project and discuss feasibility. Early in the process a detailed preliminary budget is typically produced and from that point on we collaborate closely with the client and design team to ensure that the design and the budget remain in alignment.


The client/contractor relationship is one that must be built on trust so we strive to be as transparent as possible throughout the entire process. Once work begins our clients are provided with a detailed job cost report every month keeping them informed of the project financials every step of the way. 


Ultimately our goal is to be our client's advocate and guide them through the process. Our diversity of experience provides us with the expertise required to effectively manage every phase of the design and construction process.


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